FX Airguns

Sawyer Rob , Dec 29, Please see this post Click Here Please ask questions if you have them!! I never tried or though to use it in a stationary application. I'm sure a lot of people on the forum can relate to your incident.

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In , Downplay reorganized as an original band. Downplay returned to the studio in late , this time at Cleveland-based Jungle Recording Studio. Around the same time Bates, with the contribution of loyal friends, established an indie rock record label True Anomaly Records, LLC , and signed Downplay to the label under a one-album contract. A Day Without Gravity was released in October. In January , Downplay began recording their third record with producer Dave Fortman Evanescence , Slipknot , Mudvayne , Godsmack [42] [43] [44] in New Orleans where they cut their first album.

The working title was Sleep ; the album would have 12 songs and two bonus tracks available for download from iTunes , as well as a different track from Amazon. Downplay played with a number of rock bands, including Chevelle , 10 Years , Theory of a Deadman , Crossfade , and others at a number of major rock festivals, including Rock on the Range in Columbus and XFest in Dayton.

Downplay released their second EP, Radiocalypse , in May In July, Downplay announced that Connor was leaving the band to pursue other interests. In July , Downplay announced on their website that they had "recently signed a licensing contract with NASCAR " allowing them to use over a dozen of their songs and that the band would be going on a short break and would likely go into the studio "sooner than later.

During an AMA on Reddit in August , Bates revealed that he's still working on new music for Downplay, but hasn't received the "blessing" of the label to release it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For downplay in the sense of reducing something's significance, see Minimisation psychology. Retrieved 2 April Archived from the original on Retrieved 3 April I've been using one for years. Mar 22, Messages: Wow Dave that is a well used old Farmi, looks like you have gotten your moneys worth.

Sawyer Rob , Turkeyslayer I think has the same model as you. He has had is for must be 4 years now. There was a thread in the firewood section on it. I think most of the pictures are gone now but it is amazing what those winches can do. Its on my bucket list of toys I mean tools to get. You will have lots of fun using it and your back will thank you.

Beefie , Dec 22, Sawyer Rob , Dec 22, Do you, by chance have a 9N or 2N? The PTO of an 8N can spin when the tractor is in neutral. That's all you need. I believe there are kits you can get for the older N Fords. The wheels never come off the ground.

Mind you, it isn't as easy as some of these high-dollar, new-fangled post units, but it gets the job done. One of these days, I'll shoot a video of the process.

Dave Boyt , Dec 23, I never tried or though to use it in a stationary application. I had an 8N for a time, no problem getting the pto to spin, for a winch, when in nuteral. I found them to be a bit light duty, but if used careful, i don't see why one wouldn't work with a skidding winch to pull logs Sawyer Rob , Dec 23, Last summer I used the 8N to winch out a 30" dia by 8' oak log with no problem.

As long as the log doesn't hang up on anything, it will surprise you. The tractor can winch much more than it can drag, and it is safer, too. One of these days, I'll get a 40 hp 4wd tractor. We are getting a real "old time" winter here, so i'm going through more wood that i normally would. SO, i decided to skid out a couple of the logs i had set aside just for an occasion like this!

There's a LOT of firewood in this log, The skidder makes short work, of even big logs like these! Sawyer Rob , Dec 28, Rob, it looks pretty cold up your way-- good to have the right equipment to do the job. Hope you've got a good log splitter. Do you have an outdoor wood furnace? Dave Boyt , Dec 29, Dave, I have an "add on" wood stove in my basement, so it gives me central heat It was in the 40's here yesterday, but the cold will be back this week!

I managed to block up the two big logs yesterday, i went through 5 chains before i was done, actually, i just sharpened them and put them back on. Here's the bigger log, all sawn, of course i had to cut it from both sides to get all the way through it, Then i moved the blocks with the tractor to over by the log splitter, to be sawn again with a chainsaw into managable sizes, then to be finished up with my "splitter" Sawyer Rob , Dec 29, Sep 7, Messages: Slid my tractor off the road and down a steep hill today , real close to a rollover.

The only way it came out was the skidding winch! That is still my favorite attachment ever for the tractor! Beefie , Dec 29,