Kagi Charts

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She had traded commodity futures through a broker for several years and somewhere along the line, she picked up an interest in charting price movements.

What does the FSA Japan do?

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (IKH) is an indicator that gauges future price momentum and determines future areas of support and resistance. Now that’s 3-in-1 for y’all! Also know that this indicator is .

MetaStock Kagis and Candlesticks The different thickness of the lines on a kagi chart may seem confusing at first glance so let's walk through an example of Apple Computer Inc.

We've also attached a regular candlestick chart to several of the kagi charts to illustrate what the price of the underlying asset has done to cause a certain change to the kagi chart. This example will make it easier to fully understand how a kagi chart is created.

As seen in Figure 2, the price of AAPL shares started to fall shortly after the start date of our chart. As the price fell, a vertical line was created on the kagi chart, and the bottom of this vertical line was equal to the lowest closing price. If the next period's close were to be lower than the current bottom on the line, then the line would continue to extend downward to equal the new low.

As seen from the chart below, the reversal is shown by a small horizontal line to the right followed by a vertical line in the direction of the reversal. The reversal was good news for many traders because this was the first bullish kagi signal that was generated since the chart was created in early May.

The downward reversal is shown on the chart as another horizontal line to the right followed by a line moving in the downward direction. As you can see from Figure 4 below, the bulls and bears spent the following few weeks fighting over the direction of Apple shares, causing the kagi chart to reverse directions several times.

These moves represented an increasingly bullish sentiment, but they were not strong enough to fully reverse the downtrend. To learn more, read Retracement Or Reversal: The Thick Line The number of false reversals began to show traders that bullish interest in the stock was increasing, but that the true overall trend remained in the bears' control.

A move that surpasses a previous Kagi high like the one shown in the figure below causes the line of the kagi chart to become bold. A shift from a thin line to a bolded line, or vice versa, is used by traders to to signal buy or sell transactions. Within a matter of a few seconds close to pips were lost.

Such a high level of slippage led to brokers and traders taking out stops and losing large amounts of money. Especially brokers who were offering leverage of up to This upset in the Forex market led to many regulators rethinking leverage and margin. FSA Japan Forex brokers were able to weather the storm much better because the Agency had already reigned in the amount of leverage a broker is able to offer its clients. The FSA Japan also introduced a number of other measures: Offshore brokers were prevented from soliciting Japanese investors — Japan has decided to follow the example of the USA and is trying to prevent offshore brokers from attracting Japanese clients.

They are choosing to do this to take advantage of lower margin requirements and higher leverage. The Japanese Financial Services Agency continues to work towards its aims and is currently communicating with other regulators to encourage them to prohibit regulated brokers from attracting Japanese clients. ASIC, the Australian regulatory body, has already implemented a ruling.

CySEC, which is currently one of the largest regulatory bodies for Forex brokers, is in consultation with the FSA Japan and has yet to make an official declaration. Are Japanese Forex traders happy about these developments? Not very likely, as it means there are fewer choices. I assure this would be beneficial for most of the people. Our forex trading site: It caused a huge media frenzy as the information was widely publicised on the internet and international television networks.

The news only came out because the appropriate government tax agencies in Japan had fined her heavily for tax evasion. Apparently, she had used the identities of other family members to avoid paying tax on about half of her forex profits roughly ,, Yen. What boggled the minds of the international community of spectators was how in the world a year-old housewife could make such a large amount of money from trading currencies.

If she had been the CEO of a large financial corporation or a hedge fund, it would have been more conceivable but that was not the case. She just happened to be a full-time housewife and forex trader of course! Her success however did not come without a period of learning. She had traded commodity futures through a broker for several years and somewhere along the line, she picked up an interest in charting price movements.

She started trading in the year and she uses technical analysis for her trading, a skill which she taught herself with the assistance of fund managers.