AR-15 Basics: A Guide To The AR-15 Platform

Starting from the front and working our way back, the example shown below is a stripped AR that uses a AAC Blackout, 7. The charging handle is used to move the bolt carrier rearward to charge the weapon. PSA is currently offering no less than 20 different options of 9mm AR lower receiver. Fortunately JP has made the new 9mm lower available in kit form. Semi-automatic ARs for sale to civilians are internally different from the fully-automatic M

AR-15 | An Assault Rifle of Choice

My only comment is the military uses direct impingement and the vast majority of the civilian ARs are direct impingement. Starting from the front and working our way back, the example shown below is a stripped AR that uses a AAC Blackout, 7. Other than the caliber, the component parts and operation are the same as a standard AR in. Starting with the barrel, the end — unless the barrel is target crowned as the. It will vary with other calibers. This particular barrel is stainless steel.

The flash suppressor shown above is a shorty muzzle brake and is also threaded for a suppressor. Next are the gas block and gas tube. Under the gas block, there are holes in the barrel for the gas to escape.

Some gas blocks are adjustable; these adjustments allow you to control the amount of gas and in turn control cycling and operation. The one shown is not adjustable. The gas tube and barrel are covered by the forward hand guard.

There are a huge number of options for the hand guard and it is really up to you. One thing to keep in mind is where the gas block is and the length of the gas tube.

This will determine the handguard style that you can use. Next is the upper receiver. There are a number of options but they are all more or less the same.

The barrel is attached to the upper receiver. It contains the ejection port, in some cases the forward assist, charging handle, and the bolt, and bolt carrier. Some upper receivers have an integral carry handle and some have rails. Next are the bolt, bolt carrier, and charging handle. This is an example of the difference between the full auto bolt carrier and the civilian version. As shown below there is a notable difference between the two.

The charging handle is used to move the bolt carrier rearward to charge the weapon. There are a number of options for the charging handle. Shown is a standard one alongside one with an extended ambidextrous latch. The upper receiver is not considered a firearm and therefore is not controlled. You can order one and have it shipped directly to your home regardless of the length, but anything less than 16 inches is considered a Short Barreled rifle when mounted on a lower receiver with a stock.

Simply having a short barreled upper is not in itself illegal. However, if you have a short barreled upper and a standard inch barreled AR and you are caught with both, you could be in a lot of trouble. The standard AR can easily be converted to a Short Barreled rifle that you have not registered. Upper receivers are functionally all pretty much the same.

They can be made out of metal like aluminum, either cast or billet, titanium, or a composite like carbon fiber. They can be purchased as a stripped unit, assembled, or as a complete upper as mentioned above. Know why the AR rifle is the most popular gun in the U. Remember, the AR and M rifles look so much alike in their outward appearance, but the internal operation of these rifles are quite different. This is important, especially for civilian-owned rifles. What do you think about the AR and its design?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below! After leaving the service in Mike has been in the civilian aviation industry and has traveled the world. He has shot with the IDPA and in long range competitions. Living in the desert southwest presents some unique challenges and he is working hard to become more knowledgeable on desert survival. Want to become a gear reviewer? Enter Your Email for a Chance! They offer basic stripped 9mm lower receivers, 9mm AR Pistol Lower Receivers as well as variations with different stocks and triggers.

Just in case you ask: A wear-resistant matte black finish on the all-steel Angstadt Arms 9mm AR Buffer Kit protects it from corrosion and surface wear for a long service life. Complete 9mm AR buffer kit gives you everything you need to get your 9mm AR running smoothly. JP upgraded their awesome GMR 9mm AR rifles with a new lower receiver that features last round lock back, an improved magazine release and a flared magwell.

The new model designation is GMR Fortunately JP has made the new 9mm lower available in kit form. Kits simply attaches to your per-existing AR barrel and is compatible with standard YHM free float handguards Diamond, Tactical, etc. System works with standard AR gas tubes and gas blocks. Kit works great in conjunction with a LAW Tactical Folder for an extremely compact disassembled firearm. As a testament to American ingenuity we are beginning to see more and more accessories to keep AR rifles in the hands of American shooters who live in restricted states.

The Hogue fixed magazine conversion kit consists of parts and a drill jig to perform required a modification to an AR lower receiver to make it a fixed magazine lower. Once the AR is modified the upper and lower must be opened to remove the magazine.