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Risk Disclosure: Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or life style.

Major indicators Stochastic Oscillator The stochastic oscillator is used to recognize position of a financial instrument is whether in an oversold or overbought level. Fiscal and Monetary Policy Stabilization of the economy e. All roads lead to China: Fibonacci Price Extensions Fibonacci price extensions are used by traders to determine areas where they will wish to take profits in the next leg of an up-or downtrend. Produced daily by 4 pm ET.

Technical Analysis and Forecasts

The second reason is a decrease in the value of US Treasuries as their yield grows,” Ivan Kapustiansky, leading analyst of Forex Optimum told RT. It is not clear yet what will become an alternative to the dollar, he added.

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For uptrend, do the opposite i. A retracement is a move in price that "retraces" a portion of the previous move.

Usually the common 3 Fibonacci levels are - In downtrend market Fibonacci price retracements are confirmed from a prior low-to high swing to identify possible support levels as the market pulls back from a high. And in uptrend market, retracements are run using the same ratios from a prior low-to-high swing, looking for possible resistance levels as the market bounces from a low.

The stochastic oscillator is used to recognize position of a financial instrument is whether in an oversold or overbought level. The technique used are the main and signal lines of the indicator together with the overbought and oversold levels; for example, the 70 level overbought and the 30 level oversold , as shown in the figure below.

These two levels can be adjusted accordingly based on your trading style. Some traders also apply this indicator using parameters such as the M and W shapes.

An overbought condition happens where both the main and signal line oscillates close to the 70 level, forming a potential M shape. In contrast, an oversold condition happens where both the main and signal line are below the 30 level, forming a potential W shape and highlighting that a bullish trend has a great chance to prevail. This indicator recognizes volatility level of a financial instrument. The criteria are solely based on one signal line together with an oversold and overbought level, which by default is the 70 level overbought and the 30 level oversold , as shown on the figure below.

In the occasion that bearish pressures are likely to be far greater than bullish ones, the signal line will bypass or retrace below the 70 level, which is the indication of downtrend scenario and has a greater chance of prices going down.

Alternatively, an uptrend formation will happen when the signal line breaks below or retraces at the 30 level. The Zig Zag indicator aims to recognize the trend reversals, with the bearish or bullish trend forming from the combination of two or more Zig Zag lines.

A downtrend confirmation takes place when both the Zig Zag lines intersect to the upside, signaling that a bearish trend reversal has a greater chance to occur. Alternatively, a downside intersection signals that a bullish trend reversal has a greater chance to occur. IB Account Open a partner account. Demo Account Try a Demo Trading account.

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The program installs in less than a minute and no data is required. Just install RT-Alerts and select the patterns and time frames you would like to see. As the alerts come in they are displayed top down. The newest chart pattern alert is always at the top of the screen.

A text list of the recent alerts is on the left and the actual charts are on the right. Intraday Chart Pattern Email Alerts RT-Alerts can be set up to send email images of the chart patterns received to your email address and or smart phone.

Never miss a critical intraday chart pattern again.