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SST Software provides all the pieces necessary for a successful precision agricultural program. SST went into near-hibernation in the mids, deleting much of its jazz output, and releasing little new material apart from Ginn's projects including Confront James , Mojack , but still keeping the catalogs of Black Flag, The Minutemen, Firehose , Hüsker Dü, The Descendents, and Bad Brains in print.

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With convenient locations across the country, SST is your one source for machines, tooling and EDM supplies, engineering services, .

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Fuel storage is always risky. Music writer Michael Azerrad wrote, "Ginn took his label from a cash-strapped, cop-hassled store-front operation to easily the most influential and popular underground indie of the Eighties". As many of the bands on the label sought to expand beyond the limitations of the hardcore genre, SST released many key albums that were instrumental in the development of American alternative rock , including releases by the Minutemen , Hüsker Dü , the Meat Puppets , Soundgarden , Sonic Youth , and Dinosaur Jr.

After a peak release schedule in the late s, SST began venturing into jazz releases. SST is now based in Taylor, Texas. Sonic Youth, Soundgarden, Dinosaur Jr.

The business was small but thrived well into Ginn's early adulthood. In Ginn formed the punk rock band Panic. Panic recorded eight songs in January , but no labels were interested in releasing the music aside from Los Angeles, California record label Bomp!

By late Bomp had still not formally agreed to release the music on record, so Ginn decided he had enough business experience with SST to release it himself. As a result, the police tapped the label's phones and kept the SST office under surveillance.

The band were unable to hire a lawyer because of a lack of money; Ginn later explained: Minutemen bassist Mike Watt recalled, "It was at that point we realized all you had to do was pay for the pressings, that records weren't a gift from Mount Olympus.

Maybe it was from Greg's experience with ham radios, but he believed if you try, you can get things beyond your little group. SST house record producer Spot went along as sound-man and tour manager, a job he would perform for several years, along with helping to record much of the label's music. SST sold its releases to small distributors at a deliberately low price; however, since the distributors typically sold import records, the records usually ended up in specialty shops where they would sell for high prices.

Ginn decided to release the first Black Flag album Damaged via a mainstream distributor. Just prior to the album's release, MCA decided not to release Damaged, citing its "anti-parent" subject matter. Unicorn countersued and obtained an injunction preventing Black Flag from releasing further material until the case was settled.

Late in Unicorn went bankrupt and Black Flag was able to release records again. The multiple Black Flag albums, along with the double album releases Zen Arcade and Double Nickels on the Dime by Hüsker Dü and the Minutemen, respectively, stretched the label's resources.

While SST believed Zen Arcade would be a sizable underground hit, pressings of over 5, copies were unknown territory for the label, so it erred on the side of caution and did not print over that number in its initial pressing. Awarded critical acclaim by several mainstream media outlets, Zen Arcade sold out quickly and remained out of print for months. During the mids Hüsker Dü became SST's star attraction, their strong songwriting and increasingly melodic music becoming the key link between hardcore and the developing sound of college rock.

Ignoring the band's wishes, SST assigned Spot to supervise the sessions. Grant Hart later explained: SST made us work with him".

SST's roster was further diminished by the demise of the Minutemen the result of the death of guitarist D. Boon and the breakup of Black Flag. Sonic Youth mentioned SST often in interviews and in music writer Michael Azerrad 's estimation, "seemed to be actively campaigning to get signed to the indie powerhouse"; [24] in turn, Sonic Youth was instrumental in getting SST to sign Dinosaur Jr.

He then converted New Alliance to a label based around unusual jazz, rock, and spoken word releases.