True TrandLine Indicator or How to build trend lines automatically?

Jun 18,  · True S/R Level Indicator is released: this indicator draws all support and resistance levels on the main chart with more advanced algorithm than the fractal based solutions. It has multi timeframe ability, alert functions, candle body or high/low option, line chart and offline chart compatibility and much more.

You can create your own news now. Feb 25, SHI channel true By petr sach in forum Ideas for expert advisors. The update page contains new features and sample pictures. Styann , Apr 2,


Jun 05,  · True Auto Trendline with Alert The indicator automatically sets trendlines on the really important points directly on the chart. /5(4).

Basically TrueTL draws all possible trendlines to use for many things: The "Triangle Mode" is ideal if you are looking for an entry only. It's worth to try it out with "Lazy Redraw" option. We are happy to announce the new versions of our indicators. We added this new feature: It works the same as the True Trendline Indicator's triangle mode where the indicator analyses every movement but draws only the two nearest trendlines upper and lower.

We have made some major changes from v1. This indicator is similar to our previous Stepless and colored multi-timeframe indicators but it's an On Balance Volume indicator. Screenshot in the original chart size.

The script detects the actual chart size, puts a label with the actual symbol and timeframe and saves the screenshot to your specified folder you can specify a folder inside or even outside of the MT4's folder. Two new highly awaited and requested indicators are released: We made a new engine for our website. The result is 4X or more faster operation and more "eye-catching" fresh look. Some of the changes: Previously we had some problems with the email delivery but with this method we can be sure that we will receive all messages.

We have a lot of ideas and we are continuously receiving many requests for future developments. We only made some minor speed and stability improvements for all indicators: This version will run under build or later Metatrader 4.

We added some new features to our free indicators: You can adjust forward and backward the length of the extend line. We added a risk calculator module. You can calculate anything with the followings: You can adjust the Tick Value parameter, but the indicator is able to fill in automatically. More about risk management. Over the perpetual optimizing and bug fixing we added user friendly description of settings for some parameters thanks for the Metatrader's new abilities.

Until now the line style was adjustable with numbers. We are happy to announce these very useful and highly awaited new features: From now you can attach two or more instances of the same indicators on one chart. For example you can run 3 RSI Trendline indicators with different settings on one chart.

Before, we had a custom-license for this request, but now, we can give 6 options to purchase TrueTL faster and easier than earlier. Let's visit the TrueTL website. Styann , Nov 30, Dec 6, 3. Our website has been updated: Please check it out under the "Example" menu. Styann , Dec 6, Dec 9, 4. Some trades from TrueTL website: Styann , Dec 9, Dec 12, 5.

Follow me on Twitter: Styann , Dec 12, Dec 16, 6. We launched a blog site about our developments, trading-examples and other thoughts. You can leave comments here too. Styann , Dec 16, Dec 22, 7. Together with our strategic partner we are working on a full blast of the trendline alert indicator. There will be many options in it. Three types of alert case: Four types of alert mode: For each option separately switchable and customisable. Coming soon in the first week of January. Styann , Dec 22, Jan 3, 8.

You can find more information on the website. Styann , Jan 3, Jan 4, 9. Styann , Jan 4, Jan 19, The example menu is renewed on the site: We're just showing a possible way to begin Styann , Jan 19, Jan 31, Gives a clear picture and recalculate fast. I am basically working with that. Very helpful to get alerts on points of reversal or breakout!!! Very clear and efficient, this indicator helps you identify patterns such as pennants and channels.

Breakouts generally have a good follow through particularly with volatility compression patterns like triangles. Great for visualising these well in advance if you use this type of strategy. So much better than loading your charts with "magic" oscillator arrows.