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The manufacturerSystemair was instrumental in pushing thedevelopment of an important improvement: It also puts therescue Principle Pressure Differential SystemsTen benefits of electronic overpressure systems1.

Faster self rescueFire escape stairways are recommended even ifother arrangements are permitted for escape andrescue routes. People evacuation is faster throughsmoke-free All our fans displayed in thisfolder are equipped with stateof-the-art EC-motors. For all fans in common: The base frame is made of hot dipgalvanized steel.

Galvanized steel impeller with backwardcurved Contemporary ventilation for multi-storey and underground The Green Ventilation jet fan systems from Systemair: Ourexperts and developers have invested more time so thatyou get much less!

That is, less energy consumption, feweroperating costs, less expense for planning, realisation andcommissioning. Jet fan systems from SystemairWhether residential accommodation, office complex orfactory building — each building has its specific requirements for ventilation. One of the special challenges Since , Systemair has been taking care of a vitalresource. Today, the company is one of the global leadersin the field of ventilation technology and air conditioning.

A success story which started in Skinnskatteberg, Our research anddevelopment laboratories are one of the mostmodern in Europe; measurements are made inaccordance with international standards likeAMCA It has energy efficient EC-fans that can also be equipped with demand Swing out functionThe wheel is easily accessible to make maintenance easier,providing a better work environment.

Locking functionA built in locking function secures the fan when it is inservice position, preventing it from accidentally falling,causing Our research anddevelopment laboratories are one of the mostmodern in Europe; measurements are made inaccordance with international The new fans of the sileo generation.

Fans of the sileo Generation On the following pages you can find acomparison between the old fan and thenew sileo fan. The main improvementsare highlighted. The new inline-extract-solution for commercial Double-skin panels in galvanised steel with a 20 mmmineral wool acoustic and thermal insulation. SystemairContentsSystemair across the world 4Energy efficient and environmentally friendly fans 6Comparison with conventional technology 7Overview EC range 8Demand controlled ventilation Production ofcompact air handling units and a wide rangeof fans and accessories.

Production of aircurtains and fan heaters The fan is fitted with an isolation switch and 1 m cablefor connection to a junction box. The TFSK has a square bottom plate and isfitted with an isolation switch and 1 m cable for connection to a junction box.

For installations with high demandson sound Accessorie available on requestAccessoriesDetails of following and electrical accessories are on-line available. Base frame with integrated inlet cone, manufactured from galvanised steel sheet.

Includes integratedbird guard manufactured from powder coated, galvanisedsteel Since Systemair cares for the purity of an essentialresource. Today Systemair is one of the leading ventilation companies worldwide.

A success story, whichstarted in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden, with the For most applications in the ventilating or airconditioning sector as well as in a lot of industrial andcommercial applications a Systemair To arrange the vanes in a pattern when beams have arisk to collide, are easily The manufacturer provides a month warranty periodstarting High-performance and reliable ventilationtechnology is our goal — your trust our drive. To make sure youcan look to the future with confidence, we work daily on new,highly efficient and advanced solutions.

High productquality, correct technical IntroductionHässleholm, SwedenSkinnskatteberg, SwedenMain plantHere is home to our worldwideheadquarters, our largest productionfacility, as well as our principaldistribution center. This heavilyautomated production plant featuresultra-modern machinery Today, Systemair is a leading ventilation companywith operations on It is a permanent magnet motor wherethe mechanical commutation has been replaced by electronic circuitry, whichsupplies the correct amount of current in the right direction The excess content of CO2 in the air has a negatively impacton our planet's climate Directive ErP The first phase of the timetable began on The first phase concerns electricmotors with an output range of 0.

The minimum target efficiency of this type of fan is at Directive ErP Graph 1: In many cases replacementhas That is a fact of life. And since90 percent of our time is spent indoors, 90 percentof the air we breathe is indoor air. To get the best possible indoor air, and indoor climate, you need optimal Designed for apartments upto approx. To get the best possible indoor air you needoptimal ventilation.

And that is what you getwith Topvex from Systemair. Topvex is aseries of Topvex is equipped withenergy-efficient EC fans that are quiet, flexible andreliable. All units are compact, TX has a cross-flow exchanger,and SC is equipped with high-efficiency counter-flow heatexchangers.

Counter-flow exchangers are used where itis Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue "E Systemair Air handling units Catalogue ". Common to all items in the range is that systems Available in 7 sizes and supplied completewith control system, fan, heating The production isvirtually fully automated with modern machinery featuring advanced Systemair Save energy, lower running cost!

Our research and development laboratories are one of the most modern inEurope; measurements are made in accordancewith international The new EC circular duct fan.

How do you achieve the best efficiency in yourclass? By re-inventing the wheel. Maximum performance — minimum consumption: Not a contradiction in terms for the prioAir circularduct fan.

Because with its revolutionary impeller with fullyoptimised flow Maximum performance and low energyconsumption aterial: Garage and tunnel fansProjectTram Tunnelst. Real value through high performancequietly delivered: Welcome to AW sileo EC. A totally new generation of modern Systemair low pressure axial fans, consequentlydeveloped towards one goal: Energy efficient - lower noise level - strongperformance.

Energy efficent, robust,durable, low noise levelGeneration AW sileo ECAW sileo ECNoise and performance optimizedimpeller blades, manufacturedfrom fiber-reinforced plastic PP with metal core AW fans have a square wall platemanufactured from galvanized,powder With the mandatory introduc-tion of the energy efficiency classIE2 as minimum standard with The version FRQS additionally comes with an all polesine filter. This means for you: With FRQS you can easily retrofitall existing systems without changing anything.

FRQSalso controls fans reliably which, due to their design, ECtechnology is intelligent technology, using integral electroniccontrol to ensure that the motoralways runs at optimal load.

Intelligent and energy-efcient fansIntelligent use of modern technique, by means of integral electronic control ensures that themotor always runs optimally. The fan is fitted with an isolation switch and1 m cable for connection to a junction box. The TFSK has a square bottom plate and is fitted with anisolation switch and 1 m cable for connection to a junction box. For installations with high demands on sound attenuation The newroof fans of the sileo generation.

High performance at a low sound volumeis what true class really is: An example of the typical area of application for the roof fans of the sileorange is in hospitals like the JosefCarreeHealth Centre in Bochum, as the desirefor a quiet environment is particularlygreat there.

Robust, long-lasting, low-noisethe sileo generationDVS and DHS sileo Integrated thermal contacts to protect against overheating High-performance, corrosion resistant composite material fan with backward-curved impeller bladesDVS sileo: DVS altDVS sileoThe most important benefits at a glance Operation possible without additional roof curb. Less work to be put into planning, less installation work. Even less noise pollution Systemair reserves the right to make technical changes.

For updated documentation, please refer to www. Disclose the secret of fresh air! Today Systemair isone of the leading ventilation companiesworldwide. A success story, which startedin Skinnskatteberg, Sweden A success story, which startedin Skinnskatteberg, Sweden, with the invention of Production of heatingand cooling coils, electric andwater based.

Production of air handlingunits. Production of air handling Adapts to the situation in your building rather than the reverse: Systemair TrustWe consider your trust in us as a supplier an important goal. It is always included in our workon all levels and in all areas whether it is a question of cooperation, quality, deliveries ordocumentation. This catalogue is of course a part It is also a story of the women and men that have made thempossible, of their lives spent for a The company founded by Gerald Engstrom is presentin 40 countries For updateddocumentation, please refer to www.

Thecasing is made of an aluminum frame with single skin ordouble skin Smoke Extraction with Systemairsystemair. A success story, which startedin Skinnskatteberg, Sweden, with the invention Production of heating and cooling coils, electric and water based.

A Windischbuch, Germany Headquarters of Systemair smoke extract fans includethe following temperature classes: The EU Declaration of Conformityis available for you to download atwww. Air conditioning systemSystemairHässleholm - SwedenSkinnskatteberg — SwedenThe straight wayTechnical dataThe straight way was our first productionidea and led to the circular duct fan.

Todayit represents our ambition to simplify thelife of Other products from Systemair Systemair has an extensive range of ventilation products: With wideproduct range and sizes for 60, 90 and minuteresistance for round and 90 and 60 minute resistancefor rectangular PVM Partition fire dampersPartition fire dampers type PVM are designed for nonducted applications where two fire zones are adjacent toeach other..

These fire dampers are as standard imbedded into thefire partition wall and they incorporate protection grillon The HA F axial fans have been The panel is equipped with an interactive LCD. Built-in drain pump with lift height up to Heat exchanger coils are made of copper pipe expanded into aluminum fins.

Copper headers with male fittings GAS threads and easily accessible air vents. In standard version the water connections are located on the left side. Blower section is made up of double inlet centrifugal fans with statically and dynamically balanced impellers. Single phase asynchronous elect They are equipped with a display integrated in the cover cabinet to show main settings of the unit: The automatic swing assures the maximum room comfort.

Tangential fan selected for high air volumes at low speeds to guarantee lo Easy to select install and maintain Compactness and low overall height Casing made of AZ Outdoor application DVCompact is a series of air handling units designed for offices, shops, schools or similar premises.

The units have compact design and low overall height that males installation easier in existing premises. DVCompact extract units are available in 10 diff Filter class F7 fine filter.

Fits to Topvex TR04 units produced after Before this date use item The product is equipped for air flow adjustment and commissioning measurement. Components Chassis in galvanized 0.

Condensate-drain pane in galvanized, insulated sheet metal with fittings for condensate drainage. Knock-outs on side panels for easy factory or site fitting of accessories.

Slots on rear of pane to facilitate wall-mounting. The units are specially designed t They are also highly suitable for use in fresh water systems, as they are manufactured from dezincification resistant brass and gunmetal.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. Systemair company News and Trends items. The air flow regulator RDA is an element placed inside the duct in order to obtain a constant flow within a pressure range from 50 to Pascal. As standard, all fire dampers are designed and certified to comply with EI-S performance attributes. PK-I fire dampers are intended to be embedded into fire partition walls.

Installation of these units is described in the Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual for square and circular fire dampers. As standard, all dampers can be supplied with a manual actuator, optional accessories, e. Compressor with Inverter control Hz. Elegant AT is a new supply diffuser especially developed for theatre or cinemas to be placed on floor level, i. Back draft damper for installation in horizontal ducts. Horizontal duct models available in 7 different sizes. With 3,4, and 6 row coils, for 2 and 4 pipe models.

Made galvanized steel 1mm gauge and insulated in all parts in direct contact with the conditioned air. Galvanized steel insulated condensate try, with drain plug for complete drainage. Anchor slots for easy fixing and leveling of the unit to the ceiling. Wall fan coil units for 2 pipe systems with or without integrated 3 way valve. BOR-S has been especially developed for providing a draught-free and low acoustic noise air supply from the rear walls of offices, hotel and residential rooms etc.

The flow pattern prevents the air stream from falling into the occupied zone before it has reached an acceptable temperature. Horizontal or vertical duct models available in 5 different sizes.