Alpari vs Dukascopy Review

Apr 03,  · The Dukascopy group today offers forex and CFD traders competitive pricing and access to 64 forex pairs and CFD markets on its proprietary JForex platform suite, which supports algorithmic trading and is compatible across nearly all operating systems and devices/5.

By keeping their operations over the years in line with these 2 core principles, traders from all over the world have grown to trust Dukascopy. Starting today the list includes FX, precious metals, CFD on commodities, indices, stocks, bonds and crypto currency. La confidenzialità e segretezza dei dati forniti è garantita in maniera totale all'interno del Gruppo indipendentemente dall'ufficio di competenza. CFDs have been the subject of increasing scrutiny, and new regulations governing CFDs recently went into effect.

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The tick data section of is a detailed guide that will lead you through the whole process of tick data backtesting, starting from where to acquire free historical Forex tick data, how to download it and how to use it in backtesting Metatrader 4 expert advisors to obtain a 99% modeling quality.

To learn more about MT4, read our MetaTrader guide. For this review, I focused on JForex3. One subtle feature I appreciate is Dukascopy outlines an extensive list of notes whenever the platform is updated, showing what changes and improvements were made from the prior version.

For charting, Dukascopy added over 30 new indicators to the JForex3 desktop platform in , bringing the total available from last year to just over This is more than nearly all other brokers we have reviewed, with the exception being the indicators found on the thinkorswim platform by TD Ameritrade. Another nice design feature is seen when hovering over an indicator, which will reveal a preview of how it looks on the chart.

Whether using any of the 24 different drawing tools or adding and customizing indicators, I found charting to be a seamless and enjoyable experience. Yet another example of how the JForex3 platform shines can be seen each time an additional trend line is drawn. Every new trend line added automatically has a new color applied to keep viewability crisp and clean. This is in comparison to most other platforms where the color must be changed manually afterwards.

All in all, traders passionate about technical analysis will appreciate the rich user experience provided by JForex3. Moving to the web-based version of JForex3, the platform is not as robust as the desktop version, although Dukascopy has made significant improvements since our review last year. In , the platform looks more modern and provides a more seamless experience.

While I was pleased to see the web platform become more responsive as the broker shifted away from its outdated flash-based version, I did encounter some limitations as Java is required.

Lastly, Dukascopy also provides an app store with hundreds of apps that traders can use with the JForex3 platform suite. While most forex traders prefer MetaTrader 4 to a proprietary platform built in house, JForex3 stands on its own and competes with the best on the market. SWFX Trader also has robust charting with several customizable parameters and alerts that can easily be added from the same screen.

Charting operated seamlessly and was rich with options such as a list of 47 technical indicators — which is above the industry average for mobile trading. Additional strongpoints in the app include the level-two quotes and several related order types, including conditional and bid offer orders, which can be used when placing a trade.

In the research domain, the SWFX Trader mobile app has an impressive range of useful tools, including several different pre-defined screens and a clean, customizable view of marker movers, which can be refined across four time frames ranging from hourly to monthly. There is also a pattern-recognition tool for trading ideas, organized neatly next to the other research categories. Overall, Dukascopy Bank finished best in class in the mobile trading category for our review.

Dukascopy does a good job of providing fx traders with plenty of resources for research, for example Dukascopy TV, alongside a diverse range of services within the SWFX online community. That said, customer service is one area where the broker could improve to further boost its premium range of services. For trading tools, Dukascopy has done a phenomenal job with its JForex3 desktop platform in terms of charting, ease of use, and tools depth, making a whopping indicators available.

All variables considered, Dukascopy finished Best in Class Overall in our Review, earnings its place among the highest rated forex brokers in the industry. The Historical Data Feed provides historical price data for variety of financial instruments e. Forex, Commodities and Indices. Log in Demo platform Demo reports Live platform Live reports. Cryptocurrency services Range of markets Overnight Policy. Trading Fees Margin requirements. Services for MT4 Brokers. Bussines introducer program Register now!

Trading Contests Strategy Contest. Both portals are well stocked with useful topical and analytical content. Dukascopy offers an outstanding array of research and insight features, all fully updated. Dukascopy TV is especially impressive, with a trove of analysis and commentary that allows users to spend hundreds of hours building their skills across a broad range of market topics. News functions are well organized for easy access to favorite markets, and sentiment gauges offer valuable proprietary insight.

There's no way to save custom lists of research and insight topics for later viewing or analysis. Most research and insight functions cannot be accessed directly through the trading platform. Market topics are scattered across several sub-portals, forcing users to navigate several drop-down menus to get to materials. Some news functions drill down to full articles, while others display only brief extracts.

News services cannot be filtered to reduce high noise levels. Clients can access a broad variety of educational materials, but the website lacks a dedicated education portal. Most tutorials and lessons are embedded within the larger news, research, and insight sections.

Dukascopy TV provides most of the educational material, supplemented by the social trading portal and drop-down menus. The community site offers educational content but contains material unrelated to trading that potential clients may find off-putting. Dukascopy offers an excellent proprietary platform for forex, CFD, and precious metals trade execution at a well-financed institution, backed up by a robust website and extensive trading resources.

Comprehensive slippage tools should limit "fat-finger" executions that cause grief at many forex brokers, and a broad liquidity base through the Swiss Foreign Exchange Marketplace SWFX supports fast and accurate executions in most market conditions.

However, the lack of clearly stated withdrawal procedures in marketing materials, FAQs, and funding documentation raises a significant red flag as does the omission of secondary security procedures.

The community portal stands out as the most significant negative factor. The decision to allow non-trade related material may cause some users to wonder about the management's style and practices. Com and dozens of financial publications. He is also the author of Mastering The Trade, one of the longest-running trading courses on the Internet. As a result, I've spent nearly three decades teaching traders and investors about our complex world markets, showing them ways to gain an edge on the competition.

Investopedia helps you understand complex financial concepts, learn and improve your investing skills, and learn how to manage your money. Proprietary interface with web, standalone, and mobile versions. Poorly documented, with no warranties on customer fund receipt.

No security token or secondary smartphone authorization for trading platforms. What you need to know Dukascopy provides deposit and security protection through Swiss and EU regulatory authorities but offers no additional private insurance. What you need to know While Dukascopy provides its brokerage customers with an abundance of news and other useful educational resources, its community site includes beauty, modeling, cheerleader, and photo contests as well as a blog containing explicit sexual content.

Pros The platform provides customizable layouts, watchlists, and alerts for all covered markets. Cons News, research, and analysis can be searched by ticker symbol through a separate window, but there's no way to pull up results directly on the watchlist entry. Pros Customized watchlists and charting layouts are easy to read, despite limited screen space.

Cons The mobile platform requires a PIN in addition to username and password but offers no external security authentication layer or token. What you need to know Dukascopy offers hour phone and chat support during worldwide market hours.

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