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Secondarily, I hope learners would be encouraged to use the World Wide Web for learning activities. You do not need to sit in a stuffed office any more — you can work from the comfort of your home! Even then Ranil appointed a foreigner with less qualifications probably because he was a schoolmate. Using local languages to introduce new technology has proven better results. There are so many businesses, such as hotels, doctors, tuition teachers, small companies, furniture shops, electronics shops, gyms in Sri Lanka that do not have websites.

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This video gives you step by step instructions and guidance to install WAMP server to your Windows system. Follow the link to watch the sinhala video tutorial. In this sinhala video tutorials , you learn how to install Linux operating system Ubuntu in a Windows computer using Virtualization software. We use the open source solution for virtualization, VirtualBox a free and open source software that you can download for free.

You will be guided step by step in the process of downloading and installing VirtualBox, configuring the software and installing Ubuntu a version of Linux in a virtual computing environment created in VirtualBox. Follow the link to access all video tutorials.

Java is a very popular programming language among many computer programmers. It is very popular in Sri Lanka too. However it is difficult to find lots of video tutorial in Sinhala language, which helps non-programmers to learn Java programming. Therefore I thought to publish some video lessons on Java programming.

These are most fundamental lessons for beginners. It covers most of basic programming theories and techniques. You can learn how to make Java Applets too. Click following links to access these sinhala video lessons on Java programming. GURULK offers some free video lessons on these areas so those who need to become an open source web developer can study these lessons and tutorials and step in to the programming. Except in the case of the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance who can be removed at any time, once appointed, the Governor or the three private members cannot be removed even by the President unless a special procedure laid down in MLA is followed.

In the whole history of the Central Bank, a governor has been removed only once and that was in when the late N. Jayawardena had occupied that position. With respect to private members, there has not been any occasion where a member has been removed by the government.

This is the sanctity with which the successive governments and their political leaders had treated the Monetary Board as an institution in the past. Following the practice relating to all the central banks in the globe, the Parliament has dictated that the Monetary Board should enjoy independence with respect to its policy, known as the policy independence, and to its budget, known as budget independence.

This is different from the provisions relating to other public institutions in which the Minister concerned can issue general or specific directions to the Boards of Directors of such institutions and once they are issued, it is the responsibility of the boards concerned to implement them. If the Boards fail to implement them, the Minister has powers to remove directors in most cases, without assigning reasons.

But, there could be instances where there is disagreement between the Monetary Board and the government with respect to certain policies. For instance, the Board may be of the view that interest rates should be increased in order to fight inflation, while the government may feel that they should be lowered to stimulate economic growth.

MLA has provided for in Section 2 how such disagreements should be dealt with. Accordingly, if the government and the Board cannot reach agreement, the Minister of Finance can direct the Board in writing that it should carry out the directions of the government but the Minister has to clearly indicate that the government would take full responsibility for the consequences that may be brought in the economy as a result of implementing such directions.

Again, in the whole history of the Central Bank, it was only on one occasion that the government resorted to this special provision. That was in when Wijayananda Dahanayake was the Prime Minister; in this case, the emerging adverse macroeconomic conditions of the country did not warrant the Board to reduce interest rates. But the government, thinking of winning the elections to be held in the following year, directed the Board to reduce interest rates.

However, this strategy did not work and the Dahanayake government could not win the elections; even the Prime Minister Dahanayake lost his seat in Parliament. The Monetary Board enjoys the budget independence because its budget, unlike other public institutions, need not be approved by Parliament. This independence is necessary to enable the Monetary Board to take its policy measures without the fear of losing its budget.

Politicians have always grumbled about this special independence afforded to the Central Bank by Parliament in Since they feel that they can do anything in the country, except perhaps turning a man into a woman or a woman into a man, they always try to grab powers to intervene in the affairs of the Monetary Board.

However, there was a very good reason for the Parliament in to keep the Monetary Board independent from the successive politicians. That is because a central bank is a unique creature with powers to print money and buy assets. This power has to be used by the Monetary Board responsibly, since any excessive printing of money at the bidding of politicians would result in inflation causing the public to lose the buying power of the moneys they hold.

Though the Board is appointed by the political authority of the country, its obligation is not to such authority but to the general public. To serve the public properly, the Monetary Board should be independent from outside parties including the political authorities. The present tendency is for the central banks in other countries too to follow suit. Politicians have been kept away from central banks because of the tendency on their part to abuse the money printing powers vested with central banks.

This power is equated to a cookie jar with no lid; the Minister of Finance who is equated to a kid cannot resist the temptation to eat cookies as much as he wants. If the central bank is not independent, the Minister of Finance, like the kid with limitless desires to eat cookies, will direct the Monetary Board to print money freely and make it available to him for meeting extravagant expenditure programmes.

This is dangerous and will result in people losing the value of moneys they hold. Hence, the Monetary Board have been given power by Parliament to keep the lid of the cookie jar tight so that the Minister of Finance cannot eat cookies as much as he wants.

This is the autonomy which the Monetary Board enjoys to serve the public that has been questioned by Karunanayake in the interview under reference. This is a dangerous trend that should be prevented at any cost.

During the two-year period he held the Finance portfolio, Karunanayake tried to steamroll the independence of the Monetary Board on a number of occasions. This writer in a number of articles published in this series drew the attention of the public to this ominous development. The objective of these articles was to put good economic sense to the politicians in power so that they would refrain themselves from taking action to erode the independence of the Monetary Board.

However, now it appears that this message has not been conveyed to the political leaders concerned. Hence, it is now left to the civil society to raise its voice to prevent myopic politicians from making attempts at subjugating the Monetary Board which result in the public losing the value of money they hold.

Karunanayake has alleged that the Monetary Board has kept the Prime Minister in the dark. This refers to a communication gap between the Prime Minister and the Monetary Board. As highlighted by the architect of the Central Bank, John Exter, in the Exter Report, the communication channel between the Monetary Board and the government is through the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance.

Justifying why Secretary should be made a vote carrying member of the Monetary Board, Exter has said that it would serve a bigger purpose. That is, the Finance Secretary will function as the communication conduit between the government and the Monetary Board. On one side, he would make the views of the government known to the Monetary Board. On the other, he would take the views and the position of the Monetary Board back to the government paving way for a free dialogue between the two bodies.

If the Prime Minister has been kept in the dark, that is due to the failure of the Finance Secretary to keep the Minister informed and, if it had been done, the failure of the Finance Minister to keep the Prime Minister informed.

This writer recalls that this communication channel worked effectively prior to Pick a domain name. Or you can start with a mysite. Check here to read more on how to start a blog https: With a blog, you can earn money by placing pay per click advertising such as Google Adsense.

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