Black Desert Vell Sea Monster Guide

Otherwise it's all about throwing large, large sums of money at your problem. Just keep trying to get at least 1 karanda kill a day man. It's easy because karanda is an "easy" boss compared to most. It is very difficult to keep up with those people.

Guide for BDO Players

Vell can only be hurt by cannons and matchlocks. These Lopters can be defeated with [Hunting] Matchlocks. However, do not let your ship stay in one place too long while you are attacking, as Vell may aim powerful attacks at you to fight back. Vell is very large and can cause a lot of damage, so please mind your distance around it. When Vell is hurt to a certain point, it will become enraged and channel its fury to create giant waves. If you are hit by these waves, you will die unless you manage to get a firm hold of the ship or have managed to dive underwater in time.

When Vell is defeated, you can loot from its remains. You can loot the remains from your ship if you sail close enough to it. These rewards may include some of our new items: Just grab the wheel or a cannon? Too bad i will probably never see Vell by myself, it sounds like an awesome fight.

Night Vendor you can buy them up to m. Market will vary in price but expect to pay a lot more in general. My stats when I got dandelion after 4 tries. I got pretty lucky with mine. Set up pre order mil and went to sleep. Woke up went to work, came home, got one in mailbox. I also had Item Drop Increase Scroll used don't know if that had an effect. Those who commited heavily into World Bosses are fighting up to 6 Karandas per day 3 channels, twice a day.

Dandes and Kzarkas are really easy for someone who already dropped one. But until then it seems like it's never gonna drop for you.

Karanda never rarely lasts 15min on NA servers or is there some type of channel change skip I don't know about? Also twice a day is exaggerated, she is what? Some times it takes her over 20 hours to respawn. But once you do get one you stop caring about a second one and after a week or more of having one it just seems soo easy without the stress of hoping one would drop.

Moreover i never get loot on the 2nd one because there is literally a gazillion people on the channels that are still alive. Unless you wake up at am to kill it of course, but who's got time for that. I agree, he's full of shit. Karanda doesn't spawn twice per day, and you are only getting 3 Karanda's per spawn if she happens to spawn in off-peak hours.

Even during off peak she can die quick if it is toward the end of her window. The trick is to play on a crowded channel, to kill first spawn ASAP this is usually why big guilds on EU have their "main channels" , swap to a second channel, and then after 15 min you might be ready to tag the 3rd Karanda.

I'm talking about extreme situations "up to 6 Karandas". In your original post you are talking about how easy it is to get Dandes and making the point that people are doing up to 6 Karanda's per day. Now you are saying that it is an "extreme situation" to be able to get 6 Karanda's in a day.

I agree that it is extremely rare to get get 6 per day, so rare that it shouldn't have even been mentioned in your first post.

I'll say that during peak times the start on a crowded channel approach is bad. Heard some ppl have been using an exploit to switch channels without a cooldown. Didn't look into it though.

Wow didn't realize I'm missing out on so many; karanda never seems to spawn when I play. Guess I just have to play longer then lol. Are you using http: You're playing a numbers game, engage more karandas, during 1 spawn u should be hitting 2 to 3 of them. A significant number of people got dande in the first week or so after Karanda was released when the drop rate was bugged.

Pfft i am willing to pay mil preorders for my dande but no luck. All energy i have i put into NW and i go to Karanda every day for who the fuck knows how long. Its not THAT much better to be honest. If you haven't got your blue to tri and reformed it to gold, you should. It will serve you well in getting a dande, pvp, and as a fail stack piece later on. Also, try the night vendor and or market for your dande as well.

Gearing up is a marathon, not a sprint. FYI from what I understand, and I could be wrong. Dandi isn't "so much better". From a PvE standpoint sure, but from a PvP standpoint no. That seems to be the general consensus from what research I put into it. A tet ult blue is the same as a Tri Dandy.

Meaning you need pen ult blue to be equal to tet dandy. If human damage still did dmg to players it would be a different argument for pvp. The day that Tamer awakening came out, another tamer and I did a test of Tri dande vs Tri blue using Echo Pierce back attacks and awakening AP on a warrior with 25 DP and the difference in damage was on average about It's really not that huge of a pvp boost, and even less so now that blue can be ulted for 2 more AP.