Free Technical Indicators for MetaTrader 4

Summary information, calculation formulas, and tips for practical use - all this is available on the page describing every indicator. Do you think it is best that I find 2 to 3 that works for me and focus on them Have a blessed Sunday and sorry for disturbing over over the weekend. The indicator displays the probable support and resistance levels. Not tested on Gold, Silver, and binary options.

Triple Exponential Moving Average (TRIX)

After detecting the pattern, the indicator notifies of that by the pop-up window, a mobile notification and an email. The pattern and wave parameters are displayed on the screenshots. The default parameters are used for demonstration purposes only in order to increase the amount of detected patterns. It gives alarms and alerts of all kinds. Yes, as easy and simple as that. Even a newbie can use it to make great and reliable trades. For best results, get my other premium indicators for more powerful and reliable signals.

Fast Scalping Oscillator is created for professional trading by currency strength with some mathematical equations. Works with all charts and all time frames. How to use Enter when the new sign appears Do not wait for the opposite signal to appear.. Parameters section 1 mode: The indicator displays the probable support and resistance levels.

Trends - the mode for displaying trend lines or horizontal lines of support and resistance Yes - display trend lines only No - display horizontal lines only UseResource - use the resources built into the indicator. Yes - use the ZigZag indicator from the resources of the product. No - use a custom ZigZag indicator. HistoryBar - the number of bars in history for displaying the levels.

This indicator will detect harmonic patterns that are drawn on the chart by manual and automatic methods. You can see user manual from this link: You can buy the full version from: You can minimize it to have more space on chart. Advanced Stochastic Scalper Free is a professional indicator based on the popular Stochastic Oscillator. This product is an oscillator with dynamic overbought and oversold levels, while in the standard Stochastic Oscillator, these levels are static and do not change.

This allows Advanced Stochastic Scalper Free to adapt to the ever-changing market. When a buy or a sell signal appears, an arrow is drawn on the chart and an alert is triggered allowing you to open a position in a timely manner an. This indicator shows the time before the new bar or candle opens. The pattern is plotted by the extreme values of the ZigZag indicator included in the resources, does not require additional installation. The indicator highlights not only the complete figure, but also the time of its formation.

During the formation the. It draws trendlines by extreme points determined using the standard Fractals indicator. Unlike TrendLineD, this indicator draws two lines: It can display a trendline of a higher timeframe set in the TimeFrame parameter. The line color and width are set in input parameters.

The indicator can also generate an Alert and send an e-mail parameters EnableAlert, EnableEmail, EnableSound when a price bar crosses the t. The indicator automatically identifies the pattern on the chart. The indicator is able to monitor the formation of pattern in real time. It informs the trader when the pattern is completely formed when the price breaks the line in point 2 and displays the completed patterns in history. The patterns are never redrawn.

The indicator can identify patterns on any instruments currency pairs, stock market, gold, etc. The indicator trades during horizontal channel breakthroughs. It searches for prices exceeding extreme points and defines targets using Fibo levels.

The indicator allows you to create a horizontal channel between the necessary extreme points in visual mode quickly and easily. It automatically applies Fibo levels to these extreme points if the appropriate option is enabled in the settings. Breakout Box uses the opening range, e. The EasyTrend is a seemingly simple but quite powerful trend indicator.

Everyone has probably come across indicators or Expert Advisors that contain numerous input parameters that are difficult to understand. Here you will not see dozens of input parameters, the purpose of which is only clear to the developer.

Instead, an artificial neural network handles the configuration of the parameters. Input Parameters Alert — if set to true, enables sending audible and text notifications when the tr. A professional version of this indicator is available here. Features An easy to use Panel that shows the Heiken Ashi trend of selected timeframe.

The panel can be moved to any place on the chart or minimized to allow more space. Heikin means "the average", and Ash. Magic Candles FREE is a new unique product that allows identifying the current market phase uptrend, downtrend or flat.

This indicator paints bars in different colors depending on the current state of the market and signals the user about trend changes with alerts. Unlimited version can be purchased here: Universal Heiken Ashi is an indicator that calculates Heiken Ashi candles with different smoothing methods. Indicator settings Profile - predefined profile: HA - Standard Heiken Ashi. Custom - Custom settings. MAType - first smoothing Moving Average type. MAPeriod - period of first Moving Average.

MAType2 - second Moving Average. Color Levels is a convenient tool for traders using a Trendline and a Rectangle in their technical analysis. It allows setting two empty rectangles, three filled ones, and two tredlines. The indicator parameters are very simple and divided into numbered blocks: The ones beginning with 1 and 2 - empty rectangle frame parameters; 3, 4, and 5 - filled rectangle parameters; 6 and 7 - trendline parameters.

Simply click a desired object and it will appear in the upper left corner. With this system you can spot high-probability trades in direction of strong trends. You can profit from stop hunt moves initiated by the smart money! Important Information How you can maximize the potential of the scanner, please read here: The full version of the indicator can be found her. The ZUP is based on two ideas.

Idea 1 - combine a variety of methods for identifying extremums minimums and maximums on the market price charts in a single indicator. Idea 2 - make it possible to easily bind various graphical tools, which allow to analyze the market behavior, to the identified extremums. To implement the first idea, the following has been made in the indicator.

Included multiple ZigZag algorithms. The basis of this algorithm is taken from th. MA Crossover Arrows is a simple indicator that draws arrows and alerts when two moving averages crossover. When the fast moving average crosses below the slow moving aver.

This indicator is designed to detect high probability reversal patterns: This is the FREE version of the indicator: Advanced ideas of the popular MACD indicator: It detects and displays classic and reverse divergences two methods of detecting divergences. It uses different color to highlight an uptrend and a downtrend. Two methods of determining a trend: This is a multi-timeframe indicator: Two methods of drawing: The indicator looks for buying and selling zones, where a deal can be opened with a minimal stop loss and a better Risk Reward Ratio.

The full version of the indicator can be purchased here - https: Market Insider is an excellent indicator for scalping the trend and also trading market breakouts and reversals. The green trend line and green bars indicates an uptrend and the red trend line and red bars indicates a downtrend. An intensive price breakout of some of the trend lines indicates a market breakout and a potential new opposite trend.

In choppy-range behaving market and in low liquidity conditions the breakout si. This is an implementation of the well known SuperTrend Indicator. With this indicator you can see exactly the same values which will be alerted by the following SuperTrend Scanners: The indicator draws a daily candle on charts having timeframes less than D1.

It also shows the sizes of upper and lower shadows, body and the entire candle in points. The product is fast, works in real time, optimized for quotes having 4 and 5 decimal places and can be used in the strategy tester.

Shift - shift from the chart's edge in bars. Can be used on any currency pairs. Not tested on Gold, Silver, and binary options. Best timeframe is H1 This is an efficient tool for both novice and experienced traders.

Signal The indicators gives the following 2 specific zones High Zone - the green rectangle in the chart. If the candlestick closes inside the green rectangle, the price may bounce back and forth inside it until it breaks the re. The ability to see which way the market is heading instantly. This is a must for all trend traders. Works on all time frames. The indicator plots a trend channel using the technique by Gilbert Raff.

The channel axis is a first-order regression. The upper and lower lines show the maximum distance the Close line had moved away from the axis line. Therefore, the upper and lower lines can be considered as resistance and support lines, respectively.

As a rule, most movements of the price occur within a channel, going beyond the support or resistance line only for a short time. If the price remains outside the channel long. Simple and useful indicator. Pivot Points are used to project potential support and resistance levels.

The main time periods used are daily, weekly, and monthly pivots. The formula for the daily pivot point is shown below: CCI measures current price level relative to an average price level over a given period of time. CCI is high when prices are above the average price, and low when the prices are. The fractal consists of a two sets of arrows - up upper fractals and down lower fractals. Each fractal satisfies the following conditions: Upper fractal - maximum high of a signal bar exceeds or is equal to maximums of all bars from the range to the left and to the right; Lower fractal - minimum low of a signal bar is less or equal to minimums of all bars from the range to the left and to the right.

The Relative Strength Index RSI is a well known momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements, developed by J. Features Find overbought and oversold situations. The indicator is non-repainting. Chart Projection started as a simple small indicator that used zigzag to project 2 levels the price was probably going to reach.

With the update a new algorithm has been introduced which does not rely on the ZigZag, thus avoiding repaints and providing solid calculation data in order to get to the price forecast. FX Trend free displays the trend direction, duration, intensity and the resulting trend rating for all time frames in real time.

You'll see at a glance at which direction the trends are running, how long they last and how powerful they are. All this makes it an easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders. This indicator shows the latest untouched support and resistance as horizontal lines. With this indicator you can e. Stochastic signal, moving averages and MACD in one indicator.

The indicator also shows the current price, the spread of the broker, the amount of pips of the day, the day volume periods, buying and selling volumes.

Good for scalpingstrategy on M5, M15 charts. It uses the difference between the Open price and the current price of the current candle of each timeframe. Works on any chart. Works on any period and needs just one candle. This is the thread about books related for stocks, forex, financial market and economics. Please make a post about books with possible cover image, short description and official link to buy amazon for example.

Posts without books' presentation, without official link to buy and with refferal links Advantage of this strategy over others: The thread has become a one-man show for a while. I thought I would shut the thread down but I decided to contribute more.

I'm not a professional trader and I will never be and I never want to be. Trading stocks, futures, options and other exchange instruments Hello, I am currently using MT5 for futures and I was wondering if there would be any updated version where I can use charts based on volume or tick and not time.

Ninjatrader, or TradeStation, Sierra all have this capability, but not Metatrader 5. Any help would be appreciated! Dax Index January-March Forecast: The price broke 11, level to above on close weekly bar with 11, as a nearest bullish target to re-enter. Thus, the weekly price is It is very sad that majority of the people that get involved in the forex business end up losing their money but I will explain the major reasons why this happens below: Leverage and Margin - Trading on margin seems like a fast way to make quick profit however, this gives birth to greed as a Stock Market A To Z: Tax reform may include a provision that incentivizes the company to deploy its billions in foreign cash back to Can anybody help me?

Does leverage decrease the margin requirement when opening a trade? If I have a certain balance in my account, when trading with UK for example, will having 1: I already know what leverage does but I just want to know if it decrease margin required for a trade. Discussion of article "Creating a trading robot for Moscow Exchange. New article Creating a trading robot for Moscow Exchange. Many traders on Moscow Exchange would like to automate their trading algorithms, but they do not know where to start.

The MQL5 language offers a huge range of trading functions, and it additionally Fow now, the price is on testing Google April-June Forecast: Expert Advisors and Automated Trading Hi everyone, I'm new to EA building and am coding some basic strategies to backtest. I'm trying to backtest a few years, on multiple timeframes. When I set the timeframe on Daily and try to backtest to Jan. Then, when I set it to do the same on an hourly chart, it I know relying on comment is not a safe way but I really need it for backtesting purposes not trading real money I tried to compile following code from: But I got compile error: Add NodeInfo to something like.

Hi All I am in the process of turning my trading system into an EA on mql4. I have written a candle indicator that the EA will use, the problem is my entry is on subsequent candles, either the next one to signal or the one after.

I'm pretty new to this and I keep getting these error messages. Can someone tell me why and how i fix them? I would appreciate any help. Signal - subscription disabled I hope I'm able to make clear what i'm trying to find. Let's say I have a trade with take profit set to 15 points. I'd like to keep my trade open if it hits 15 AND keep going to 16, 17, So, it hits 15, still open, hits 16, 17, 18 same thing, Does the margin matter? If I use the same EA on 2 different accounts Same settings, same pair, lot size etc.

One account margin 1: Hi there, i was running experts on my demo account and also want to use some on my real account. But when i change something in demo it also changes in real and vicevera. Anyway to work around this? Hello together, can someone help me with this EA? Can someone program thas the Price have to test this support or ressisten first and after this, if it nor disapper, opened Autotraing in Real Account?

I correctly set up all properties for auto trading in MT4, so in demo account my EA normally is running, but in real account it is exceptional. How to sell expert adviser that uses a custom indicator in the market? Hello, just what the title says, I want to sell an EA that uses custom indicator, can somebody teach me how? I found an indicator a couple of years again.

Determining these swing points. Strong downtrend, seeing correction up, possible reversal into uptrend, but then it just changes direction and continues down. RSI usually between 30 and 60 so nowhere close to being overBought. Hello, i am searching an indicator which shows me the time left for the current Candle.

I tried to find it here, but was not successfull. I tryed to collect everything about one indicator: Is there any order flow indicater other than oanda? Hi guys is there any sort of order flow indicator that suited for mt4? Oanda is great but their order flow indicator only varies their customers. I need order flow indicator that varies more bigger scale in the market. If you have something in mind please refer it. A static variable retains it's value even after Symbol or Period change of the chart.

Is there a way to reinitialize local static variables upon Symbol or Period change? Or is there only the possibility to declare the variable on the global scope and reinitialize it in OnInit?

Hi all, I've been wanting to have the ability to plot indicators from different timeframes on my chart, but MT doesn't have this capability built in. Does anyone know of any charting programs that do this natively? As an example, if you're following the IWCR system, it'd be nice to be able to I'm using the new mt5 functions to generate a history graph of highs and lows of the day, but it's not working.

Basically it's taking the highs and lows of the whole graphic, I'm wanting it to take day by day. In mt4 I made a similar code and everything worked out, but in mt5 something is wrong Elite indicators - metatrader 5 version: This one is for those that use metatrader 5 Metatrader 5, unfortunately, did some things that hardly are logical. One of the things done by it is that builtin averages and all the other builtin indicators are not functions any more.

That is as big a nonsense as it can get. Hi all pro coders, Im learning coding mql4. Hi has anyone tried this indicator? Articles, Library comments Discontinued signal line QQE - histogram Author: By using this indicator you can see the normalized price of any chart!

Wilson Relative Price Channel - mod. Wilson Relative Price Channel - mod: Wilson Relative Price Channel - modification Author: New article Developing stock indicators featuring volume control through the example of the delta indicator has been published: The article deals with the algorithm of developing stock indicators based on real volumes using the CopyTicks and CopyTicksRange functions.

Some subtle aspects of Laguerre RSI - no gamma. Laguerre RSI - no gamma: Laguerre RSI - without using the gamma parameter Author: MetaTrader client terminal is perfect for automating trading strategies. Do you want to offer your trading signals and make profit? Keep in mind that you can create only It requires the Hash. Discussion of article "50, completed orders in the MQL5. New article 50, completed orders in the MQL5.

Members of the official MetaTrader Freelance service have completed more than 50, orders as at October