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Hong Kong is a significant center of the financial markets and one of the leading strongholds for entrepreneurship and investing. Forex trading is a significantly attractive investment for traders.

Test drive platforms and strategies before trading real money. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commissions came about in , following the stock market crash in October Trade 45 currency pairs and CFDs on shares, indices and metals with market execution As you may understand risks increase exponentially with trading such big volumes, so you need to control your risks or you may lose all of your invested money.

Best HKSFC Regulated Forex Brokers in 2018

Rakuten Securities Hong Kong Limited (RSHK) is a subsidiary of Rakuten Securities Inc. (Rakuten Securities), one of the three largest forex brokers in Japan and a pioneer in leveraged foreign exchange trading in Hong Kong. Its Rakuten FX trading platform is also popular in Japan.

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High standard of security for online transactions Read more. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission was formed in as an operationally independent government body in an attempt to strengthen the market and provide a consistent securities and futures environment.

With investigative departments as well as disciplinary sanctions available, the HKSFC is an active regulator working with an ultimate goal to promote and safeguard the integrity of the Hong Kong market. The SFC is independent from the state budget and financed through transaction levies and licensing fees. As other supervisory bodies, the HK SFC has also the power to investigate misconduct and manipulative activities of the companies.

It also assumes the role of market educator by spreading the awareness of market risks, rights, and responsibilities. The Hong Kong Commission makes an effort to be firm but fair. The SFC makes known that it will not hesitate in taking actions when suspicious actions are in place, but they will neither bother brokers for no reason nor harm their reputation in any way.

The Commission is also involved in risk assessments and strives to impose higher requirements to reduce the risks. The SFC is a partner in business to its regulated entities. They maintain close relationships with the SFC licensed companies, and cooperate with other regulatory bodies three other regulators in Hong Kong to create an optimal climate for business deals.

They also try hard to transfer their principles into visible actions through implementation of guidelines, rules and laws. They also rather rely on negotiations and open dialogue with their partners than dictatorship to achieve desired results. Forex brokers in Hong Kong are high-quality companies with strict regulation and an established system where the licensed brokers are widely trusted and giving a consistent service.

The transparency and efficiency are emphasized and constantly monitored by the HKSFC, who function as an official but operationally independent regulatory body.