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CSR Indicator Free Download I’d like to talk about along with everyone the easy method which i’m utilizing during my every day industry that are assisting me personally create a plenty of pips each and every days.

Posted by Kimdo7 at With MM and Edge in trading, you are taking good Risk:


B. TP > Highest point selepas Breakout (New High / Latest Resistance). Anda boleh hold Post kerana kemungkinan untuk price break Resistance adalah tinggi di sebabkan kita Trade with the Trend. Min TP untuk CSR = pips.

Jgn ambil trade jika R: Don't worry about Tak Dapat Masuk Trade. Trade akan ada next time. Exit maybe dekat next H4 Swing Point. Posted by Admin at 2: Saturday, January 9, New Post Losses are just cost of doing business If you want to be a trader, accept that Losses are just inevitable Better take a small Loss, than letting it become a big Loss Yeah, I know all that, but Do you recognise yourself? Taking a loss is only ok, if I cover my trade at a loss and then it goes at least 50 ticks further against my initial position.

Then I feel not good, but at least correct. But which trade do you remember? The trade which turned right around, which faked you out, which took your Stop and then proved your initial trade correct. This is the trade where Fear let you place your Stop too tight and now, when you see your position down again, then Hope comes in telling you, it will turn around by letting you know the last time where you were stopped right at the Top or Bottom.

And that of course is the start of the small Loss becoming a big Loss. I have Losses as everyone in trading has. And I have found just one way to deal with Losses: Some people yet to really understand the important of MM in forex. It's like you open a shop, will you risk your shop so that you can survive only for 1 month, 1 week or even 1 day, or 1 hour perhaps.

Same goes in forex. With MM and Edge in trading, you are taking good Risk: Let say your trading technique give your edge or R: To make it clear, let say ur risk 20 pips to get reward of pip. Lost 3 times, you will have 6o pips lost. The remaining 2 wins will get you pips. Straight away Margin Call bro!!!! What I can do is to teach you how to catch a fish. Be patient as normally, Professional Traders take at least 2 years to master in this business.

Remember, this is business, not a game. Are you ready to learn this technique? Com members only n already study CSR]. Tuesday, 19 July