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Diversity and Distributions Holt RD From metapopulation dynamics to community structure. Holt RD Food webs in space: Holyoak M Habitat patch arrangement and metapopulation persistence of predators and prey. Levins R Some demographic and genetic consequences of environmental heterogeneity for biological control. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America Lindborg R and Eriksson O Historical landscape connectivity affects present plant species diversity.

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Hylander K and Ehrlen J The mechanisms causing extinction debts. Abstract A metapopulation is a spatially structured population that persists over time as a set of local populations with limited dispersal between them.

Illustration of the continuum of population structure. A schematic drawing of the arrangement of microcosms and the mean number of days that a predator population persisted. The percentage values beside each array show the connectedness of the bottles as the mean percentage of other bottles directly connected by tubes averaged across all bottles in each microcosm.

Persistence is unknown for predator populations that did not go extinct but was assumed to be days, the duration of the experiment. The hypothetical relationship between habitat fragmentation in a metapopulation and the allocation to dispersal green line and reproduction red line.

This assumes that mobility comes at a cost to reproduction. The fraction of habitat patches occupied by the butterfly M. A subset of these data is presented in van Nouhuys and Hanski.