MQL4 Source Codes of Technical Indicators for MetaTrader 4

Jun 01,  · MTF-candlestick – info-indicator for MT4 platform that shows candlesticks of higher timeframe (M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN) on lower TF. On the same chart. On the same chart. MTF candlestick indicator works well on any forex pair!/5(24).

For bullish arrow appear in down and after reversal candlestick patterns indicator that market move next target. You can change the default timeframe from Daily to any period and default candle bar number from 0 to any previous number. So why am I not recommending this indicator? This is one of the most useful tools in my trading toolbox!

About these forex indicators

Aug 25,  · MT4 candlestick indicator Platform Tech. Here is a simple code to plot the candlesticks in the NinjaTrader or eSignal style.

To be considered tradable, an engulfing candle must develop at a key support or resistance level and after an extended move up or down. While the video above only addresses the bearish engulfing candle, the same rules apply for its inverse, the bullish engulfing.

For it to be profitable, an engulfing pattern must form at a swing high or low. Only then can it be used to formulate a trade idea. Hence the name, this is the most prominent and significant feature of this pattern. While the engulfing bar pattern is my third favorite in this lineup, it can be extremely telling if properly utilized. The two bearish signals formed at resistance, creating two profitable opportunities.

Know that the first candlestick in the chart above is also a bearish pin bar or at the very least a bearish rejection. Always remember that a bullish engulfing pattern at a swing low is a sign of potential strength. It signals that the current downward momentum is likely coming to an end. Alternatively, a bearish engulfing pattern at a swing high is a sign of potential weakness. If you see one form in this manner, the chances are good that an increase in selling pressure is on its way.

Last but certainly not least, both candlestick patterns must form at a key level to be tradable. Otherwise, you may find yourself trading a lot of false positives.

Whether you trade using raw price action or some other means of identifying favorable setups, the three candlestick patterns above will surely improve your trading. As lucrative as these formations can be, always remember that there are never any guarantees. Just like any other Forex trading strategy, the three above can and do fail, so always protect yourself. Last but not least, the pin bar, inside bar and engulfing pattern are most useful when combined with other confluence factors.

Then you definitely want to download the free Forex candlestick patterns PDF that I just put together. It contains all three formations above and shows you the exact characteristics I look for when developing a trade idea. I notice you talk about inside bars and pin bars do you trade the engulfing pattern as well or no? When traded properly of course. In my opinion, You are better Teacher than Al Brooks.

You can explain this all shit in simple way. Mlotek, thank you for the compliment. Brooks or how he teaches. Pleased to hear that, Alex. Justin, thank you once again for all your honest effort and depth of knowledge trying to educate us to be and do better in fx trading.

Please can you talk a little bit of Moving Averages next time. Thanks and I appreciate. Panagiotis, glad you enjoyed the lesson. As long as the candlestick formation is not invalidated. For example, the tail of a pin bar being breached. Hi Justin, I read somewhere you were considering removing inside bars from the course material, is this true?

If there is a brearish pin bar just below support. Could this indicate a breakthrough? I was thinking the same thing as Rachel as well. The question I had in mind was, does it matter whether it is filled in or not? So for the bearish pin bar example, you have it filled in with black. What if it is the same shape but not filled in? Thanks for most of your analysis. I would like to know what retail forex broker is and their list. Also the names of parent forex companies that are not brokers.

The simplicity yet value of the concepts and the clarity in your thought and teaching make this a superb site. Terima kasih atas pelajarannya dan akan saya jadikan pedoman dalam menganalisa dalam trading saya. For example, continuing from the very first example, if the requirement was for a sequence of three bullish candles and for RSI to be below 50 when the last bullish candle was formed, the trigger language for doing so would be:.

To implement the alert using the Alert Builder interface, after creating the first three triggers as per the first post above, add the RSI alert as illustrated:. If the requirement was for the RSI to be below 50 at each step in the sequence then the trigger language for this would be:. For example trigger 6 would be implemented using the Alert Builder interface as illustrated:.

Go to the Ask A Question section on the timetotrade forum to see the type of MA alerts that timetotrade users are creating:. There is a custom indicator that can be imported in the timetotrade charts, that calculates the length of the Candle Head, Tail and Body for creating Candlestick alerts. The custom indicator also includes indicators that compare the high to the previous high plus the low to the previous low, in order to provide examples on how to compare values to previous candles.

To import the custom indicator click on the following link:. Click here to view the full list of markets available.

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