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These regulatory agencies have proved time, and again that proper regulation will not only protect investors against financial malpractices, but it can also help in maintaining the integrity of the markets through proper supervision. Forex trading seems to be an excellent option for investing your money without any major risks, apart from the losses that can be as significant as the gains. Margin FX trading, with up to Finally, you may also post your grievances on public forums and Forex review websites to let others know about the problems that you have faced, which should also help other traders in the market to be careful against such instances in the future.

Order Driven Execution

Home Foreign Exchange dbFX. Benefits of Forex Trading with Deutsche Bank: Tight spreads from as low as 1. Quality execution in all market conditions. Real-time foreign exchange news and market commentary. Key Features of dbFX: Streaming real-time executable currency quotes, 24 hours a day. This means that it is one of the most actively traded currencies in the forex market.

For Swedish forex traders, this puts them in an advantageous position as the Swedish Krona is the default currency for all their transactions. In short, they not only earn from trading the Swedish Krona but also from the appreciation of the currency itself. Sweden represents one of the international forex powerhouses. Per capita basis, it is also one of the richest countries not just in Europe but in the world.

The wealth of this country also helps to explain why forex trading has always been popular among Swedish citizens. Not surprisingly, this has prompted every international forex broker to capture a slice of the forex market in Sweden. Although the Swedish forex trading scene is one of the most active markets in the forex industry, there are very few homegrown brokers in Sweden. In fact, the bulk of the forex brokers serving the Swedish forex traders are based outside Sweden.

Part of the Swedish Ministry of Finance, it has regulatory oversight over the participants in the financial markets. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority was established in as a single regulator for the banking, insurance and securities markets.

Its main duties include the following:. The trading platforms which most Swedish forex traders will come across will be the MetaTrader 4 MT4 trading platform. The MT4 platform is considered as the industry standard trading platform as it is adopted by the majority of the forex brokers in the industry. Other widely adopted trading platforms include the cTrader and the Sirix WebTrader.

Although some forex brokers prefer to use their own proprietary trading platforms, their numbers pale in comparison to the above mentioned platforms being used in the forex industry. The forex industry generally does not charge forex traders commission charges on the trades that they make, unless they are operating on a NDD Non Dealing Desk business model.

Normally, forex traders are required to pay a slightly widened spread on the quotes that they receive. The spread can either be fixed or variable and they ranges from 0. Most forex brokers cater to a diverse clientele base and as such they offer their clients a choice of trading accounts. Die Saxo Gruppe ist rund um den Globus mit einem starken, einheitlichen Netzwerk präsent. Verluste können die hinterlegten Sicherheiten übersteigen. Menü der Sätze und Konditionen anzeigen.

Prices are realtime Market is open Instruments are colour-coded grey where prices are not realtime, or the market is not open. Order Driven Execution Derive the value of potential price improvements on every trade. Financing At Saxo, FX spot trades do not settle.

Minimum trade size Trades cannot be executed below the minimum trade size. Forex Trading hours Saxo is open for trading 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, opening on a Monday morning in Australia However, some currencies have special trading hours as shown in the table below: Fortsetzung des Handles um Handelskonditionen für reine Devisentermingeschäfte Forward Outrights.

Netting When the value date of an open forward outright position equals the current spot value date, it will be treated as a normal spot positon. Werden Sie Teil unserer Community.